My First Job Experience

The title is meant to sound like a child’s essay.

So, I’ve started working. It’s an honest-to-God job with articles, research and a paycheck (hooray!).

However, I’m still an intern, which basically gives me license to make as many stupid mistakes as I like and get off easy, I guess. At first, (aka last week) I felt like an adult, someone who was capable to take on many jobs and get them done. Someone who could eventually turn this internship into an actual job with a higher paycheck. It’s my second week, and I feel like a child who doesn’t fit in at this job.

But that may be just me. I mean it’s not like I’m going to find a job where I can write about whatever I want, like video games and disney movies. At this early stage in my life, no one’s gonna pay to me write about it.

However, I know that my work is subpar at best because if I’m not passionate about a subject, I won’t write well about it. Putting me on fashion articles is like putting a penguin on teaching a how to fly class. We know it exists, and as a girl/bird we should be able to put it into action, however, we just can’t.

I am not a fashionable girl. At the age of 21, I still haven’t ever bought more than 5 pieces of clothes on my own. My mother, who enjoys shopping, buys all my clothes for me. Which I honestly don’t mind at all, because I find shopping tedious and just plain annoying.

Yet, saying all this, people would say I’m ungrateful. “You got a job writing about Fashion! It’s so easy! Can I do it for you?” Well, thank you for that incredibly kind offer, but no. I can do it myself. It’s just that I seem to be getting a lot more headaches when looking for handbag and shoe designers. It’s not what I want to do. It’s not what I’m passionate about.

Speaking of headaches, the amount of typos I find in the magazines that the company publishes is heartbreaking. It would be okay if it were in the first draft, we all make mistakes, especially when typing as fast as you can. Sure, whatever, no big deal. But, no. Magazines that have been fully published, and on racks at the stores or wherever they’re distributed have legitimate SPELLING mistakes in them. Who the hell releases shit like that? Who’s in charge of this?

How are we, as a company, supposed to have any credibility if what we’re selling is riddled with errors? I, personally, as a Grammar Nazi, would never buy something that has a mistake in it. I ridicule anything, for example, a menu at a restaurant, if it has a typing error in it.

All in all, the paycheck looks great, but I’m not enjoying my first job. Maybe I wasn’t cut out to be a journalist. I don’t know much about anything right now…

Sorry to end on a sad note.


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