Music to Play Against your Emotions

Its currently 3:30 AM, and after crying my eyes out over something stupid and writing a little something for myself, I realize I’ve got to release my emotions.

So what do I do? I listen to my video game music playlist (which I’ve linked before, but just in case you wanted it again). I’m pretty sure if you read my blog or even know me just a little, you’d know how important video games are to me. But an even bigger part is the music to go along with those video games.

Never have I experienced music more suited to emotions. Happiness, sadness, victorious, nostalgia (a LOT of this), basically anything you’re feeling, I can find a piece of video game music that can make you feel that the music is a part of you, what you’re feeling, or make that emotion heightened.

I don’t know when it started to become so important to me. I started to listen to video game music, starting with the Legend of Zelda, as if it were my mantra. Religiously, day and night, I would listen to the 25th anniversary CD that came with Skyward Sword. Just listening to orchestral pieces, with no lyrics, makes you realize how much meaning and work goes into the music itself. I’m not saying I don’t love lyrics. I’m a writer, lyrics are my bread and butter. But, for that one month of just orchestral music, I fell in love with two things: the violin, and the flute. And those two together are just heaven. For example, my favorite Zelda theme, the title theme of Windwaker.

Also, a very important factor to add to this is that some songs give me a sense of home. I don’t know how a song can make you feel at home, but that’s what video game music has given to me. My favorite game of all time is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (referred to as TTYD from now on) and in a game like that, you always return to your starting point as soon as you finish a chapter of the game. The starting place of that game is called Rogueport. And I remember as my brother and I were playing Super Smash Bros For 3DS, (if you’re not a gamer, this is just a game that combines all Nintendo – and co. – in one amazing fighting game) we played on a stage that was derived from the Paper Mario franchise. And at one point, the music from Rogueport came on, and I basically screamed at my brother, “THAT’S THE MUSIC FROM ROGUEPORT!!!” and it was like I felt at home. And since then, whenever I would want to feel a sense of belonging, and just feel like I’m home, I would listen to Rogueport. And besides that sense, it’s such beautiful music.

The same thing happens with Outset Island (also from Windwaker) just a small sample of that music takes me back home. And it’s not like I imagine a place or anything, I can’t think of a single home of mine that feels like a proper home, except one long long ago, although I have wonderful memories in all my houses. But the music, just gives me a feeling of home that I miss. A feeling that an actual home can’t give me.

Its tough to describe, but video game music has been my safety blanket, my comfy slippers, my bubble baths for a long time. It makes me feel better even when I’m sad and I’m listening to something sad. It makes me remember old things, of course, the games I played. While being purely wonderful to listen to, it also helps me settle my over-emotional feelings in a way no person, no thing, or no place has ever helped me to do quite as well. And that’s why it’s so important to me.

P.S Yes I know, I haven’t written in a ridiculously long time. But I’ve had nothing to write about till now.


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