Pretty Face


Ok, kiddies, I’m back for good, sorry for this long, weird hiatus. I’ve been wanting to write but couldn’t and it was terrible, but the dark ages are finally over.

So, while I listen to my favorite soundtrack right now (Into the Woods soundtrack), let me lay it down for you, I’m going to talk about prettiness. Yes.

I’ve never thought of myself of pretty. I know I’m not… unpleasant to look at? But I’ve never thought of myself as a person you look at and go “whoa, she’s pretty.” and I’m not, which I’m fine with. So I don’t enhance my beauty with cosmetics or whatever, my most basic form of make up is lip balm, I don’t use much else. Not that I’m hating on people who do. You’re free to do whatever you want. You’re free to use make up or not use make up, to do whatever you want with your face.

And sure, sometimes I wish I was pretty. Is it wrong be a little vain? I mean, to have someone look at you and say “wow you’re pretty!” instead of “well, you get prettier over time,” (I’ve had this told to me, true story). In complete honesty, attractiveness is important in this world. Yes, it’s more important what’s on the inside, yes, look for inner beauty, yes, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, yes yes yes I’m a big advocator of all that, but wanting to be beautiful isn’t a crime. For example, in a relationship, you should be physically attracted to the other person. At least I think so. I couldn’t be with someone I’m not physically attracted to.

But, unlike the characters in Into the Woods, my wish isn’t that important. I’m fine with not being a prettier person. I’m also fine with being average or a little better than average at things. Because there’s one thing I know I can do. One thing I’m good at. One thing that will be my guiding light into the future. One thing that I should be the best at, at least one of the best. And that’s writing. My writing is my pretty face. My writing is my wit. My writing is what I’m good at.

So, I don’t have a pretty face, but I have my talent. And I won’t be modest about it, and I won’t be humble and say it’s not good. I’m good at expressing myself. And that’s all I need.


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