True Love

Okay, okay. You might read the title and say, “Wait, isn’t this the girl who thinks its all about heartbreak and love doesn’t exist?” Well that’s not true because I’m a big believer in love, and anyway, without it, there wouldn’t even be heartbreak.

When I say True Love, most people reply with, “Doesn’t exist.” We have become so accustomed to thinking that True Love is just as mythical as the Princesses and Princes that find it. Now, I’m not saying I’ve experienced it or even that I’m sure I know what I’m talking about, but this is my take on what has happened.

I was talking to my aforementioned 14 year old best friend a couple days ago, and we were talking about a fictional couple that fight all the time. And then I said, “Well, that’s love for you.” And he said, “I hope I find that with the right person one day.” Which I agreed to, but then took it back. I told him, “No, you shouldn’t wish for that kind of love. You should wish for a type of love that makes you want to set yourself on fire when you’re not close to that person.” Now, you’ll probably shake your head at this, I mean who wants that, right? When I said this, I didn’t mean that you can’t function without your partner, or that you are solely dependent on them. It’s more,” I know I love you, and I know that we should be together, and being apart is killing me.” True love is still out there, I really do believe so. But because it’s engraved into our brains that it’s a farce, we’re more accustomed to, “Well, I think I love you, so don’t leave me.”

To drop the metaphors and bullshit, we’re afraid of being alone. Me? I’m not. But that’s because I’ve only ever been alone, I haven’t been the alone people feel when they’ve been with someone for a very long time, so I’m in no place to judge. I’ve always thought if you’re so unhappy, why don’t you leave the person you’re with? But perhaps it’s because they know that without them, they’ll be even more unhappy, and more lonely than they feel in that person’s presence. So, if I’ve ever made you feel weak for being with the person you are with, I apologize. I have no experience in this myself, so patronizing you would be a very antagonistic and judgmental act on my part.

However, to get back on point, it’s sad to see that people are giving up on finding True Love because it’s difficult to find, and so they brand it imaginary. Where’s your sense of adventure? When we were children, we believed in everything, and when we wanted proof, we’d go looking for it. As adults, we don’t believe in something because we haven’t found it, yet. However, we stop our search.

My best friend once told me, “Well, the songs had to be written about someone.” And she’s right. Why do we sing along with the sappy romantic songs if we don’t believe them? Why do we watch the movies if we don’t wish it would happen to us one day?

Don’t give up on True Love, people. I know I’m just some random person on the internet, but it exists. Some magic in this world has to.


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