Gamer Girl

I’m going to lighten the mood a bit and tell you a new fact about me.

Yes, it is true indeed, I have been bitten by the gaming bug since I was a very young ‘un and haven’t been able to stop since. My preferred company? Nintendo. Why? Because I think almost everything they’ve done is fantastic. Their gameplay, their stories, their characters are all beautifully flawed and wonderful.

You’ve got Mario, who is a legend. No one can say otherwise. And his gang, Luigi (my favorite!) Peach, the Toads, all of them. Just some feel good people who always put a smile on my face, especially if they’re made out of paper. I think I’ve played Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year-Door at least 10 times by now.

Then you’ve got the Legend of Zelda franchise. I have never met someone who has said “No, I don’t like Zelda.” Many people dislike Mario as they find him too simplistic or whatever, but Zelda is what keeps older people holding on to Nintendo. Truth time? I haven’t played many Zelda games, being the youngest of three, I usually watched. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t love it. And as I got older I began to play some games. My favorite is Wind Waker, but that’s just cause Toon Link is the absolute best. I’m getting a plushie of him for Christmas!!

And so many other franchises that are either created or distributed by this wonderful company that makes it so magical, either on their own games or combined, their games are amazing! I’m not saying all, I would never say all, I mean everyone knows there are slip ups. But sometimes the games just touch your heart and have a special place there. And the music, oh my God the music! I’m just saying, Nintendo puts a LOT of effort into their games. And for people to just shrug them off because *ahem* their graphics aren’t good enough? Well, your loss!

Which brings us to “What is she playing now?”
Well, if you’re a Nintendo lover like me, the answer to that is simple.
Super Smash Brothers for Wii U OF COURSE.

This game is AMAZING. I wake up, I wanna play it, I come home, I wanna play it, I’m playing it, I wanna play it some more. I have seriously been playing non-stop, which is why I’m writing this blog post kinda late. It’s just so good! One thing I should mention is Nintendo isn’t really the main “squeeze” of what people play here, so I’ve been dying trying to talk to someone about it but no one knows it and I’m just like pleeeaaase let me talk to you about this game, challenge me I’ll kick your ass with my “bae” Samus and I can’t. Stupid people.

But seriously, this game has been a stress reliever since I got it on Tuesday. I’ve been playing it constantly, stopping for nothing and no one. It challenges me, it lifts me up, it makes me happy. It’s new obviously, so there are so many adventures waiting, but also, Nintendo understand that people have been playing this game since the first one came out in 1999. I didn’t play that one much (I was 5, excuse you) but my point is there’s so many old things and nostalgia in it that I sometimes find myself just listening to the old records that are in the game.

Ok, I think my passion speaks levels. I just really love this game and many others.

Just so you don’t think I’m biased (though I totally am) I play playstation games too. Like Final Fantasy and recently I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts. I find Square Enix very entertaining, and their characters are amazing as well. I remember some of my best days playing Final Fantasy XIII (Yes, I know everyone hated it but I loved it.)

I think of games as an escape, they’re my getaway from the reality of it all. And they’re excellent stress relievers when you feel like just punching things!

P.S. Tell me if you want another “about me” post or if you’d rather I wrote about serious issues like my previous posts! Thank you!


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