Things That Should Be Said

“If you’ll excuse my prying, but I just wanted to know, when did you choose to be straight?”

Has anyone ever asked you this? No? That’s not surprising, right?
Then why do you assume that being of a different sexual orientation is a choice?

I’m not going to attack the homophobes in this post, no I just need to say something.

A lot of people close to me are homophobes. They say that being gay is wrong and its not normal and all the things that make me want to block out my ears. What bugs me most about it is that some of them are scientists and none of us are religious in the slightest. So where is the problem? No, actually, what is their problem?

I have met people all around the world, some of them have been homosexual, and some of them have been heterosexual. But I do not define them by their sexual orientation. Some people refer to others as “Oh, you mean the gay one?” Which infuriates me to no end, because if that individual was straight, you’d say, oh the tall guy with the brown eyes, or whatever. And when I get mad, whoever made that obscene comment says, “but I don’t mean in it in a bad way!” Well how else would you want me to take it?

Something that should be said is no, it’s not a choice. No, it’s not their only characteristic. To all your nonsensical questions: no, no and no.

Have you ever thought, why would someone choose to be gay? Especially with people out there making their lives a living hell? With their rights stripped from them and being treated differently than others?

I’m not a religious person, but that’s not why I fight for equality. I do it because I believe all people deserve the right to live whatever way they want, and love whomever they want. Why does it bother you? What effect does someone’s happiness have on your life? How has it differed?

If their happiness affects yours, you might want to look into your own life. Because let me tell you, no one should be able to directly impact how you feel. Especially someone who you “believe” shouldn’t be allowed to love. Don’t be a douche, just grow up and treat them the way you want to be treated, as in, mind your own business.

P.S. not that it matters, but I’m not gay. Also, I’m 5″1 and I have brown eyes. Do all these factors impact you in the same way?

P.P.S The “you” I use in this passage is not directed to you, readers, it’s a general you. If you agree with me I salute you


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