Hot Chocolate and A Rainy Day

Listening to the sound of rain and thunder, while sipping on my (too hot) hot chocolate, I realize two things:
1. People should listen to me when I tell them that going on a picnic when the forecast is rain is silly
2. I really like hot chocolate.

No, but seriously, it’s just going to be a short blog post today, because I just want to let my (hopefully faithful) readers that I will be posting every Saturday regularly, except for the odd emergency in which case I’ll post either on Sunday or Wednesday.

I hope everyone will continue to read, and new people join, but it’s just a blog. I don’t expect miracles. What you will be a witness to here is my musings, my rants, my excitement, my achievements and my failures. I plan to leave it up to fate, because as I’ve learned from attempting to write many books but failing, is that you write about what you know, and what I know comes from my experiences.

Now about that picnic…
Our small group of family & friends sent a salute to summer (or fall, but alliteration sounds smoother… see?) as we went on one last picnic. Everyone thought this was a great idea except one odd duck who checked the weather forecast. “Mom, it’s going to rain,” I said, sure that she would cancel the plans. “Don’t worry honey, the picnic will be done by 4, and rain is said to come at 6.”
What time did the rain come? 3:30.
What were we doing? Eating.

Panic at the picnic ensued, everyone rushing to put all their stuff away before they were drenched.
One thing you have to know about me? I’m a summer baby, born June 2nd, and I detest the winter and all that comes with it, especially the cold and the rain.

Not to say it wasn’t a great day. As mom said, it’s a day we’ll laugh about when we’re old and grey. Hopefully, that’s true.


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