DictaGoogle, the new Google Glass App

Over the years, the dictaphone has gone down in popularity. Well, all that is about to change!

A problem we have all encountered is forgetfulness. As normal humans, it’s expected to forget things and not remember them for years and years. These fits of memory loss could have cost us a lot of money (or could’ve been wasteful little bits of fluff) but regardless, it should be our decision whether we should work on them or not. And, although there’s an easy way to not forget, we simply don’t use it because of our laziness. So instead of writing it down on scraps of paper or toilet paper if we can’t find a notebook, why don’t we just say it out loud? Say it out loud into our Google Glasses!

Google Glasses already have a microphone. With the addition of this button on the side, you now have 536 hours of recording time! And, just like a dictaphone, the speech to text software is included. Why wouldn’t you just use the recorder on your phone? This is way more convenient than Siri or S voice! And they don’t have as much time or memory as we do! 

Think of what all this could mean! For example:

  1. You don’t have to take notes during lectures or presentations, you can just focus on the key points!
  2. Forgot what that meeting or interview was about? We’re on it, just press the button.
  3. Wracking your brain for that idea you had? Just listen to your recordings! Or if you had a good tune in your head but no musical instrument, you can just hum it into the microphone and the google glasses would pick it up. Voila, you’re ready to strum again.
  4. Damn it! You forgot your shopping list! Don’t run back home and get it, you’ve got it on your google glasses

The most important thing about the dictaphone however, was that it was portable and easy to use, just like Google Glass!

Since Google Glass is supposed to be a life companion, adding the dictaphone features would make life easier! And, since dictaphones are outdated and only use micro cassettes, this conjoining is mutually benefical! You have 2 options with Google Glass; you could look at everything through the Glass, or, with the new USB feature, you could upload it all onto your computer and continue working on it there. This all comes from the speech to text feature mentioned above! 

So don’t waste another moment, go out and buy Google Glass! And for those who already have it, there’s a 24 hour free promotion starting at 12:00 PM CST! This universal product can be an aid to everyone, and we want to help you!!


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