Deactivating Facebook

When you’re asking Facebook to deactivate your account, it basically begs you stay on. It gives you solutions no matter the reason as to why you are deactivating, it presents pictures of people that will “miss you” even if you haven’t spoken to them… ever.
But after deactivating Facebook, you wonder who will actually miss you. Who will even notice you were gone? And we all have that short (or long) list of people you hope will notice. I sure do.

Visited the Facebook website twice today. The count would’ve been higher if I hadn’t stopped myself. The funny thing is I don’t actually do anything on the website. I log on, see if anyone interesting is online, then, while keeping it open, I watch TV shows. But it’s become quite the routine. I click on the Safari icon and its number two on the top sites page that comes up.
No one’s noticed yet, and being quite the optimist that I am, I doubt anyone will. Being without Facebook makes me feel kind of lonely. Most of my friends live abroad (Dubai, America, Canada) and I talk to them via Facebook. I wonder why they haven’t noticed…

Not having Facebook has proven to be both productive and lonely. On the one hand, I was able to do things I was putting off for the longest time today. I worked, I went to the gym, I watched videos I had been planning to watch and I read. On the other, I couldn’t share my experiences. I felt isolated, which I found weird because after all, even though there are other people on Facebook, it will always be just me and my laptop. I wished I could’ve shared the videos, given my feedback on my book, and just spoken to people who I’ve missed.
Still no one has realized, which makes me think that no one really cares. But then again everyone who talks to me mainly talks to me on WhatsApp, so it’s another form of communication.
It was also one of my closest friend’s birthday. She lives in Dubai and somehow I forgot, which is very unlike me. It was only until I checked my Instagram that had a picture of her with cake that I remembered. So Facebook does have some plus sides. It’s not just all a waste of time.

It feels normal today. I don’t have Facebook and that’s fine. I feel like I don’t need it as much as I always did, but I know the minute I reactivate it, it will be like nothing has changed. Day 3, no one has noticed and it’s the last day. Shoot, I really felt like someone would’ve realized by now. Oh well…

With my Facebook being deactivated, I feel like there’s less to do on the Internet. So when I open up a Safari page, I go to Youtube to watch random videos and communicate with people on the Internet. The isolation factor is still there. I feel more anti-social than ever which is strange because social medias basically make us more anti-social. They give you a reason to stop all face-to-face communication unless necessary. But with the lack of communication all together, I feel… lonely I guess.

Late Sunday:
Success!!! Someone’s noticed! She’s a high school friend who now lives in California. She was all worried saying, “Nour, Facebook says you don’t exist!” and I told her that I just wanted to deactivate for a bit because of university… and she didn’t believe me. What can I say? I have a major in procrastination. So I told her the real deal, and she said that she wanted to deactivate as well. Ha, I’m an inspiration now.

Reactivation. FINALLY. When I got home I spent 2 hours on Facebook just catching up on everything. You never realize how much you use it until it’s gone, it’s true. Now that my life is back in order, I will never underestimate the power of Facebook and how much I rely on it to keep in touch with everyone, but I’m still deeply saddened by the fact that nearly no one noticed.
I went around telling everyone I deactivated and they were like what?! and then I would guilt trip them… good times.

As expected, Facebook has returned as a normal thing in my life. But now I realize I really don’t need it to communicate with people, but it just makes things simpler. Facebook has everyone on one platform, and it has interesting bits and pieces at times, and sometimes is completely boring so I just watch TV shows and have it open just in case. Facebook, in simple terms, is no big deal. It’s just the norm.


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